Seal Online


◆ Welcom to the Wonderful Land of Shiltz!
Experience a world of adventure as you journey in a vibrant and enchanting world filled with whimsical characters while finding riches, fame, love and friendship.

◆ I Want to Be Famous.
Be a famous Shiltz citizen as you complete challenging quests and help townspeople with their daily tasks while gaining experience and rewards along the way.

◆ There's Strength in Numbers.
Scared of fighting scary monsters alone? Don't worry; Just create a party with five other friends to beat even the biggest monsters in the land.
Explore Shiltz Land with your friends as you encounter funny creatures, discover treasures, and journey into enchanted regions as a team.

◆ I Don't Go Anywhere Without My Sidekick.
Choose from various pets as your sidekick to accompany you on your exciting expeditions and battles.
Raise your pet with care by feeding it properly, and watch it evolve to a great companion who will never leave your side.

◆ I Think I'm in Love.
Share your adventures with a special someone by being a couple.
Send each other love notes, wear matching costumes, and earn roses together as your relationship evolves and ultimately get married in the Shiltz Chapel.

◆ Beat This
Compete to take the top stop in the ranking system.
Have a friendly battle with your friends and foes to find out who's the true hero of Shiltz.


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