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Dreaming of becoming a global logistics King - Blue Ocean Tycoon

Let’s explore the country's 62 ports!
  • Did you know there are numerous ports in the world? Including Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Busan, Qingdao, Dubai, Rotterdam, Kaohsiung, Kelang, Hamburg, Antwerp, Los Angeles, Dalian, Lamchabang, Jakarta, New York, Valencia, NavaSheva, Jeddah, Colombo and so on 62 ports of the world are waiting for you!
  • 42 kinds of ships are prepared There are Blue Ocean Tycoon, ferry, container line, grain line, LNG tank vessel etc. five types of ship lines. Taking advantage of a total of various 42 units we wish you success in your business!
  • Port-related upgrades and instant advertising system Each port has different value of the trading volume. Through the port upgrading system you must increase the size of the port trading volume. You can do port advertising. If you are in hurry you can also go for emergency advertising.
  • Attractive secretary is waiting for your employment. It will give a boost to your business. “Special assistant waits for your order” Special ability does not mean something like 007 agent. The special assistants have abilities of final revenue +5%, ship price +5%, Experience +5%, sailing time -10%.
  • Ship upgrading system You can upgrade your ship. There are a total of four configurations. Upgrading the engine cylinder allows a ship to go farther.
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